Rant and Rave!

ranat and raveWhat’s the difference between a rant and a rave?

When you love something, like a really delicious meal for example, you ‘rave’ about it to all your friends.  You go on and on about how tasty the soup was, how crispy the chicken…you get the idea.  So you might hear this expression: “Thanks for dinner last night.  My boyfriend can’t stop raving about the chicken wings!”

So, a rant is the exact opposite.  If you really dislike something, like a movie, you ‘rant’ about it.  You continuously complain about how terrible the acting was, how stupid the plot, or how boring the ending.  So, you might hear this expression, “Larry ‘went off’ on a rant about that new movie, Gravity.  He hates George Clooney, big time!”

Now, most people enjoy hearing raves more than rants, of course.  Like on our Facebook page, after a CultureWorks Canadian Studies trip, our newsfeed is full of rave reviews.  Of course, right?  They rock!

But, in a weird way, rants can be very entertaining.  There’s this great comedian named Rick Mercer, who has become famous because of his awesome rants.  He’ll talk about anything that bugs him, from sports to politics to annoying people on the Internet.  It’s super funny.

rick mercer rant

Here’s a rant he did recently about Canadian winter.  He’s complaining about people who complain about the winter ~ as a Canadian, I find this rant to be very funny…and true!  And now that winter’s over, we can all start raving about spring, right?!  You thought it would never come, didn’t you!:)