Rent or Borrow?

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One of our students told me a funny story once about renting a car to go over the U.S. border* for a visit.

He said he found a nice, two-door hatchback perfect for him and his friend.  Not too expensive with a great insurance package and return policy.

“So what’s the funny part?” I asked. “Sounds perfect to me.”

“I made a mistake in translation,” the student laughed.  “I told her I wanted to borrow the car.  I forgot the difference in meaning between ‘rent’ and ‘borrow’.  I got mixed up!”

“That’s an honest mistake! So what did the lady say?”

“She said, ‘Sure, you can borrow the car.  For $30.00 a day!’”

* If you plan on visiting the United States while you are studying in Canada, we highly recommend applying for a visitor’s visa before coming to Canada.

For more information on visiting the USA, please visit:

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