Seasonal Activities You’ll Participate in When You Study English in Canada

CultureWorks students make a Jack O’Lantern in the autumn
CultureWorks students make a Jack O’Lantern in the autumn

If you study English in Canada, you will find beautiful nature all around you. Canada has four very different seasons, which means that there are many different activities to try all year round!

From carving pumpkins in Canada’s autumn season (like the students in the picture above), to having fun in the winter, spring, and summer, you will never be bored in Canada.

Students at CultureWorks get to participate in many seasonal activities while they study English as a second language (ESL).  Here are four seasonal activities for you to try when you study ESL in Canada.

1. Go to the Beach When You Study English in Canada in the Summertime

Many people believe Canada is always cold. But in the summer months (June, July, and August) that isn’t true at all! Most Canadian cities are very hot in the summer.

students at the beach in Grand Bend, Ontario
CultureWorks students at the beach in Grand Bend, Ontario

Students in CultureWorks programs like to cool off at the beach. If you take an English as a second language program in Oshawa, Ottawa, or London, you will be very close to the sandy beaches of one of Canada’s five Great Lakes. On summer daytrips with your classmates, make sure you visit the beach. Just don’t forget your sunscreen!

2. Take a Hike with Your ESL Teachers and Classmates in the Autumn

Autumn (also called Fall) is many CultureWorks students’s favourite season! It happens in the months of September, October, and November. Autumn is a beautiful time of year because the leaves on the trees change colour from summer green to autumn red, orange, yellow, and even purple.

Students enjoy an autumn hike
CultureWorks students enjoy an autumn hike at Westminster Ponds in London

A great way to see the beauty of autumn is to go on a nature hike. In an intensive English program at CultureWorks, students can go hiking together on one of the many different hikes organized by the school.

If you try this activity, you can learn about different Canadian trees and plants. You can get good exercise and fresh air. You might even see some exciting Canadian wildlife, like beavers or deer!

3. Winter Fun: Try Snowshoeing When You Study English in Canada

From the month of December to the month of February, it is Canada’s winter season. In most of Canada, winter means snow!

Throughout our country’s history, Canadians learned to walk on deep snow using special snowshoes. These shoes look like tennis rackets and keep you on top of the snow, not letting your feet push the snow down. (That would make you fall in!)

CultureWorks students use snowshoes to walk on the snow!
CultureWorks students use snowshoes to walk on the snow!

And snowshoeing is not the only winter activity CultureWorks students can try. You can participate in skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, snow tubing, and more if you study in Canada during the winter. Canadians know how to have fun even when it’s cold outside!

4. In Canada’s Warmer Weather, Go Camping with Your ESL Classmates!

Another traditional Canadian experience is camping. You may have gone camping before—it is all about having fun in the wilderness and sleeping in a tent. If you find yourself studying in Canada during the spring (March, April, or May), that is a great time to give camping a try!

At CultureWorks, students can take a weekend camping trip with their new international friends. They can learn about building a campfire and how to roast tasty marshmallows or make S’mores (toasted marshmallow and chocolate in between two graham crackers). This is a nice break from classes, and also a good way to practice English with fun teachers and classmates while you are out in the sunshine.

Students make S'mores
A CultureWorks teacher shows students how to make S’mores, a popular Canadian treat

Are you ready to try exciting activities when you study English in Canada?

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