CultureWorks is located in the cities of London (2 hours southwest of Toronto) and Ottawa (5 hours northeast of Toronto).

Ottawa is Canada’s capital city and the 4th largest city in Canada. It is home to the federal government and global embassies. It is a bilingual center for Canada’s two official languages: English and French. From the city’s rich history and culture to its diverse communities and outdoors, Ottawa has much to offer year-round.

London is Canada’s 11th largest city, with a population of 450,000+ people. It has been nicknamed the “Forest City” due to its tree-lined streets and beautiful parks. Smaller communities like London are able to offer a more immersive English experience.

Both cities are fun, friendly, welcoming and diverse.

Time Zone = EST

The weather offers 4 distinct seasons. Spring is the shortest and when plants are in bloom. Summers are long and warm. Autumns are crisp and colourful. Winter is mild, lasting from November to March, and it never gets too cold to enjoy outdoor activities such as skating, skiing and hockey.

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