Taking English Courses for Academic Purposes? Here’s How Reading the News Can Help You Learn English!

ESL for Carleton University

If you’re looking to improve your English so you can study at a top Canadian university, it’s smart to read as much written English as you can get your hands on! One excellent source of reading material for ESL students is the news. Newspapers, advertisements, news bulletins, and more can be both interesting and informative for students like you. Here’s why.

Reading the News Improves Your Conversational English Skills

In Canada, newspapers are produced to provide everyday people with information about current events. The purpose of newspapers is to tell stories in ways that are easy for the average Canadian English-speaker to digest. That means the news is written in a style similar to the language you would hear spoken on the street by average Canadians.

By reading local news, you get instant access to the kind of vocabulary today’s English speakers use most often in conversation—making it a handy way to get comfortable with your second language while at ESL school.

Tip: Try reading news articles out loud with a pen in hand. Unlike textbooks, newspapers are disposable, so you can feel free to mark them up with notes and highlights. Circle new words, underline important sentences, and make note of which phrases you’d like to try using yourself!

Students in English Courses for Academic Purposes Read the News to Improve their Grammar

If you’re interested in taking English courses for academic purposes, you know that English universities expect a certain level of English proficiency among their students. You can get ready to become one of these strong ESL students with the right training program and the habit of reading the news.

Newspaper articles tend to use crisp, clear writing with short, declarative sentences—sentences that use a subject-verb-object structure pattern. Usually news article headlines follow this rule. It helps newspapers achieve the kind of clear and easy-to-read writing that professors expect in English college and university programs.

You can even access the news in different levels of difficulty, through resources like BBC’s Learning English page, The New York Times’ Learning Network page, and NewsInLevels.com. All mainstream news media sites and newspapers are carefully edited, so reading them at any level of difficulty will show you clear examples of how English grammar and punctuation should be used.

Students in English Courses for Carleton University Read the News to Learn New Vocabulary

Perhaps the most exciting benefit of reading the news as an English-learner is the range of topics and vocabulary it presents. By reading about current events, you’ll learn about topics like culture, events, and politics that are exciting to talk about with friends and classmates.

CultureWorks students can have fun talking about news topics that interest them
CultureWorks students can have fun talking about news topics that interest them

If you’re taking English courses for Carleton University, reading the news can help you learn new vocabulary. In fact, at CultureWorks, we even have an elective called ‘The Daily Boomalang,’ where students read and discuss current events. Reading the news can also help you boost program-specific vocabulary too. If you’d like to learn more business vocabulary, for example, you could practice reading the business section of the newspaper.

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Taking English Courses for Brescia University? 3 Ways Learning a Second Language Can Make You a Better Leader

English courses for Brescia University

If you’d like to study English in Canada, then you might be interested in attending Brescia—Canada’s only women’s university. Studying at an all-women’s university comes with many benefits. According to a recent study by the University of California, these schools “provide greater opportunity for educational attainment as measured by standardized cognitive tests, curriculum and course placement, leadership behavior, number of years of formal education, and occupational achievement.”

That means that if you’re looking to become one of the female leaders of tomorrow, attending an all-women’s university could help you reach your goal.

On top of that, being an ESL student also gives you an edge. Read on to find out how learning English can make you a better leader in any field you choose.

1. Taking English Courses for Brescia University will Help You Connect with Other Cultures

One of the traits of today’s best leaders is their ability to understand and connect with other cultures. Brescia offers a small and close-knit campus where it’s easy to meet new friends and get to know your professors, but you’ll have plenty of opportunities to meet new friends before then, while you study at CultureWorks!

During your English courses for Brescia University, you’ll learn how to feel comfortable in your second language as you learn from top instructors and meet new friends from all over the world. Not only will this help you connect with new people during your studies, but also throughout your future career.

CultureWorks students learn to feel comfortable speaking up in their second language
CultureWorks students learn to feel comfortable speaking up in their second language

English is considered the international language of business, and will boost your ability to communicate with people from different backgrounds, whether you choose to work in business, politics, healthcare, or any other field.

2. Taking English Courses for Brescia University will Make you Better at Multitasking

People who speak more than one language are able to switch between two systems of speech depending who they’re talking to. That means they can shift back and forth between different expressions, structures, and even writing styles.

This skill will make you able to switch between tasks in your career much more easily than most people. Being able to quickly switch between your work duties as needed is a special skill that many look for in a leader, since they often need to juggle multiple responsibilities.

3. Taking English Courses for Brescia University Will Build Confidence

All-women’s universities like Brescia teach students to feel confident in their skills. In fact, women who attend single-sex schools rate their math and computer skills as higher than women in co-ed schools—showing that they graduate with more confidence in their abilities. But you’ll build your confidence long before you start your studies at Brescia.

Studies have proven that people who speak more than one language are better at making rational decisions. By studying ESL for Brescia University, you’ll learn a whole new grammar system, vocabulary, and communication style. Considering all the small details of learning a new language naturally improves your judgement, and helps you to make better decisions as you continue throughout your studies and career. Combine that with the confidence you build under the caring guidance of CultureWorks’ ESL instructors, and you have a powerful combination!

In a work environment, people who are strong decision makers and have confidence in their abilities are often asked for advice and feedback, and have more opportunities for leadership roles because they are trusted to make good choices on behalf of their team.

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5 Ottawa Festivals to Check Out While You Take English Courses for Carleton University

ESL Ontario

CultureWorks is located right on the Carleton University campus, which means you’ll be close to Ottawa’s downtown core throughout your studies. That’s good news if you’re interested in seeing a few festivals while you study English in Canada, because Ottawa is the home of many top events. From Winterlude in February to Blues Fest in the summer, there’s no shortage of fun festivals to enjoy while you study English.

Read on to find out which festivals you can enjoy during your studies.

1. Winterlude: Experience Canadian Winter During Your English Courses for Carleton University

If you’d like to enjoy a true Canadian winter, then there’s no better place or time to do so than at Winterlude! Winterlude takes place in Ottawa every February, and is a perfect time for ESL students to enjoy the snow.

ESL students pose in front of a statue at Winterlude
ESL students pose in front of a statue at Winterlude

You could admire the beautiful ice sculptures on display at Confederation Park for a truly memorable winter experience, or enjoy a fun-filled time at the Winterlude Kick-Off party!

2. Visit the Ottawa International Animation Festival When You Take English Courses for Carleton University

If you like to watch movies, then you might want to check out the amination festival this September while you study English as a second language for Carleton University. Ottawa’s animation festival is the largest festival of animated movies in all of North America. It includes screenings of animated movies, as well as workshops and panels—making it the perfect festival for movie fans.

3. Learn About Indigenous Cultures at the Asinabka Film & Media Festival

If you’re interested in learning more about indigenous cultures both in Canada and around the world, then you might want to check out the Asinabka Film & Media Festival.  Every August, the Asinabka Film & Media Festival brings together top Indigenous films. It also instructs locals about issues facing First Nations, Métis, and Inuit communities in Canada.

4. Celebrate With the LGBTTQ Community at the Fierté dans la Capital(e) Pride Festival

Ottawa’s pride festival, Fierté dans la Capital(e), is a time when Ottawa celebrates the diversity of its citizens and the LGBTTQ community. From the festive Pride Parade to the human rights vigil, Pride is a time for Canadians of all sexual orientations to come together and celebrate diversity.

Festival goers can see the colourful Pride Parade
Festival goers can see the colourful Pride Parade

This year, the festival will also be adding QueerCon to its event line-up. The event will enable attendees to purchase comics and graphic novels featuring diverse content, characters, and subjects. It’s a good chance for ESL students to pick up a book or two to practice their English!

5. Check Out the RBC Blues Fest While You Take English Courses for Carleton University

If you’re a music fan, then you’ll definitely want to drop by Blues Fest this summer in between your English courses for Carleton University. Blues Fest is one of the top 10 music festivals—not just in Canada, but in the world! While there will be plenty of blues music to enjoy, you don’t have to be a blues fan to attend the festival. In fact, Blues Fest often attracts top performers from many other genres of music, including country, pop, and rock.

This year, ESL students who attend Blues Fest will get to enjoy a stellar line-up that includes the following artists and bands:

  • Billy Idol
  • City and Colour
  • Duran Duran
  • The Lumineers
  • Brad Paisley
  • Sam Hunt
  • The Red Hot Chili Peppers

Of course, the festival will also include plenty of top Canadian artists too. From Coeur de Pirate to Death from Above 1979, it’s the perfect opportunity for ESL students to soak up some Canadian culture while they study in Ottawa.

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