4 Little-known Facts About Canada Students in ESL School Might Find Interesting

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Canada is a country known around the world for having friendly and welcoming citizens, snowy winters, and beautiful landscapes. Most people know that Canadians love to play hockey and eat food with maple syrup. They might also know that the country has lots of moose and Mounties! However, many people don’t realize that there’s much more to Canada than meets the eye.

Living and studying in Canada means that you will get to discover the country’s culture and history as you make new friends, enjoy fun trips, and make memories that will last a lifetime. What are some less well-known facts about Canada that you might learn along the way? Here’s a closer look!

1. Canada Has an Apology Act That Shows Just How Much Canadians Love to Say Sorry

If you have ever met a Canadian before, you probably know that Canadians say sorry quite often. In fact, sometimes Canadians will even say sorry when they aren’t even at fault and have no reason to apologize. As you will learn during ESL training in Canada, it’s just part of what makes Canada so friendly and welcoming.

In order to make sure Canadians in certain provinces could apologize in legal proceedings without having their apology used against them, several of Canada’s provinces created The Apology Act. The act makes sure that Canadians can apologize in a court of law without being considered guilty.

2. During ESL School You’ll Learn Canada Is One of the Most Educated Countries in the World

Canadian universities are known the world over for their excellent quality of education. In fact, many ESL students decide to study English in Canada so that they can go on to study at a Canadian university.

With such a great education system, it’s no surprise that Canada is one of the most educated countries in the world. As of 2016, 59 per cent of Canadians aged 25 to 34 had completed a two-year degree or higher and 34 per cent had completed a four-year degree or higher!

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Canada is one of the most educated countries in the world!

3. Canada Is one of the Top 20 Most Culturally Diverse Countries in the World

During ESL school, it won’t take you long to realize that multiculturalism is an important part of Canada’s culture. In nearly all of Canada’s largest cities you’ll find diverse cultural festivals, people of different nationalities, and plenty of delicious international cuisines to try.

Canada welcomes countless immigrants to the country. In fact, as of 2011, about 20 per cent of Canada’s population was actually born outside of the country! There are over 200 different ethnicities represented in Canada today, demonstrating that students from all over the world can feel welcomed and included.

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Canada is a multicultural, welcoming country

4. Canada Is Rated “Very High” on the Social Progress Index

Every year an organization called the Social Progress Initiative ranks countries according to their social progress index. They consider basic human needs like shelter, water, and food as well as foundations for wellbeing like access to knowledge, health and wellness, and environmental quality. The Social Progress Initiative also considers personal rights, freedoms, and inclusion. All these factors are considered together to rank each country.

In 2017, Canada was ranked with “Very High Social Progress” and came in sixth place out of 128 countries. This shows that the standard of living in Canada is very high, and that Canada cares deeply about the wellbeing of all its citizens.

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