Taking English Courses for Carleton University? 3 Fun Facts About Canada’s Capital!

English Courses for Carleton University

Are you thinking about studying English in Canada’s capital city? If so, then you’re in luck! Ottawa is a unique city with a rich culture and many top sites to visit. From the Rideau Canal—a UNESCO World Heritage Site—to the beautiful Parliament buildings, there’s always something to do while you study at the CultureWorks Ottawa campus. And, there are plenty of opportunities to practice your English too.

Read on to find out a few fun facts about Ottawa, and learn about some of the city’s unique festivals and shows—ones you’ll likely get the chance to see during your studies.

1. Students Skate along the Rideau Canal to Get to Their English courses for Carleton University

If you decide to take English courses for Carleton University, you might notice something unique during the winter: some students skate to school.

During the cold winter months, the Rideau Canal, which is located right alongside the Carleton University campus, freezes and becomes one long skating rink. In fact, the Rideau Canal is considered to be one of the longest skating rinks in the world at 7.8km.

This scenic route becomes a top tourist attraction, but it is a part of local life too. Just like the students who use the canal to make their way to Carleton University, many Ottawa citizens also skate along the canal to get to work.

CultureWorks students skate on the Rideau Canal during the winter.
CultureWorks students skate on the Rideau Canal during the winter.

2. Students at ESL School in Canada Can Enjoy a Sound and Light Show on Canada’s Parliament Buildings

When we say that you can enjoy a sound and light show on Canada’s Parliament Buildings, we mean it. During the summer, a beautiful light show is projected right onto Canada’s Parliament Buildings.

You can see the show in action in this short preview:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bNbQKh-WDcw]The sound and light show, which is offered in both of Canada’s official languages, takes place during the summer months. However, if you arrive in September, you might be able to catch one of the season’s last breathtaking shows.

3. Ottawa’s Tulip Festival Began as a Thank You Gift from the Netherlands After WWII

In the month of May, Canada’s capital city comes into full bloom at the annual tulip festival, where thousands of beautiful tulips blossom. If you love flowers, this is one event you’ll want to experience while you study English as a second language for Carleton University.

The story behind the tulip festival is a heartwarming one. During World War II, Canada welcomed members of the Dutch royal family who needed a safe home during the war. During her stay in Canada, Princess Juliana gave birth to Princess Margriet. The Canadian government temporarily declared the Ottawa Civic Hospital an international territory in order for Princess Margriet to keep her Dutch citizenship.

As a thank you for Canada’s hospitality and kind gesture, the Netherlands sent thousands of tulip bulbs after the war. The Netherlands has continued to send tulips every year since—creating the world famous festival.

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