Taking English Courses for King’s University College? Meet Some of Your Future Professors!

CultureWorks teachers and students have a friendly lunch after graduation
CultureWorks teachers and students have a friendly lunch after graduation

If you want to attend a great Canadian university, consider King’s University College in London, Ontario! English as a second language (ESL) students who meet the prerequisite requirements are always welcome to take courses at King’s. If you are an ESL student, you can take English courses at CultureWorks to prepare your English speaking, listening, and writing skills for King’s.

When you have earned your place at King’s, you can take subjects like business, economics, politics, social work, and more. Want to know who might be teaching you these courses?
Here is a sneak peek at the friendly professors (also called “profs”) you might meet at King’s University College.

Social Sciences/Social Work Profs You May Have after English for Academic Purposes Courses

Do you love social sciences like history, philosophy, and sociology? There are many King’s social sciences profs who will be happy to meet you.

Prof. Renée Soulodre-La France teaches history. In her small classes, she likes to work closely with students and help them thrive. Outside of class, she likes to run with the King’s running club and listen to country music. Prof. Carolyn Chau and Prof. Mark Yenson teach Philosophy at King’s. Professor Chau likes the “down to earth” feeling at King’s, and works on projects about faith and religion. Prof. Yenson also enjoys teaching about religion, and likes to play the piano!

There is a very strong Social Work department at King’s for any student who wants to work with families and children after graduation. Prof. Dermot Hurley is the director of social work classes at King’s. He is passionate about child protection, and he loves hiking (an activity that students try at CultureWorks!).

Working with Math and Money: Business, Economics, & Finance Professors

Want to study accounting, economics, or finance and administration? Want to use your math skills for a business career? The professors at King’s can help you do it once you’ve completed your ESL studies.

Dr. Trevor Hunter, Prof. Shawna Weingartner, and Dr. Xing Jiang teach business, economics, and math at King’s University College. Dr. Hunter says that “business is the most important force in the world today,” and teaches good business ethics. Prof. Weingartner teaches many business and math subjects and likes having fun outside after she teaches. Dr. Jiang is passionate about math and statistics. These are only a few of the friendly professors in the King’s Economics, Business & Math Department who may help you succeed after your English for academic purposes courses.

“I am so grateful to have learned from the professors at King’s,” shares Finance and Accounting graduate David Jaekang Kim. “They gave me advice and shared their past experiences, and all this outside of the usual office hours.”

Profs of Politics You May Meet after English Courses for King’s University College

When students learn English as a second language for King’s University College at CultureWorks, many of them spend time volunteering. If you like helping others and thinking about how the world can be a better place, you might take Political Science or Social Justice and Peace courses at King’s.

CultureWorks students volunteer their cooking and dishwashing skills!
CultureWorks students volunteer their cooking & dishwashing skills!

You may meet Social Justice and Peace professor Richard Matthews, who wants to end government violence and oppression. He likes talking to his students and travelling to different countries around the world. You may also meet Political Science professor Dr. Thomas Teiku, who has received several teaching awards. He likes taking students on school trips to show them the “never a dull moment world of politics.”

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