The 5 best ways to enjoy a Canadian summer at ESL school in Canada

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While winter in Canada is a unique experience, summer also has a lot to offer. In fact, the summer is Canada’s peak tourism season. This means that many cities hold festivals, parades, and other fun activities for locals and visitors alike. Parks also see many visitors during this time of the year, welcoming hikers, campers, and adventurists from Canada and all over the world.

What are some of the best ways to enjoy a Canadian summer? Read on to find out!

1. Get active outdoors

One of the best ways to get your summer off to a great start while studying in Canada is to try different outdoor activities. ESL students could ride a bike or go rollerblading around the city, which is a good way to explore and get familiar with a new environment. They may also enjoy going for a hike or a jog on the Pink Lake or King Mountain trails in Ottawa, or the Fanshawe Lake Trail in London, Ontario. It’s a great way to keep healthy and fit during the summer, letting students take in the fresh scent of pine trees and admire some of the beautiful lakes, rivers, and forests Ontario has to offer.

Hiking in nature is a great way for ESL students to explore Canada
Hiking in nature is a great way for ESL students to explore Canada

2. Have fun at local festivals

Local festivals are a great way for students attending ESL school in Canada to have fun during the summer. ESL students who love music will like Ottawa’s Bluesfest and TD Jazz Festival, while students in London will have the London Bluesfest and Beatles festivals to look forward to.

Music festivals aren’t the only fun activities students can enjoy during the summer. London and Ottawa also have great food and art festivals such as the London Ribfest and Centretown Outdoor Film Festival. London and Ottawa also celebrate many different cultures through festivals as well. It’s a wonderful opportunity to meet others, enjoy foods from other countries, and enjoy a beautiful summer day!

3. Visit historical sites and buildings

London and Ottawa have plenty of important historical sites where ESL students can learn more about Canadian history. For example, students can start by visiting Parliament Hill, one of the most important buildings in Canada. This is where the Prime Minister and other Canadian politicians meet and manage the affairs of the country. During the summer, Parliament Hill becomes even more special. At night, a beautiful light show is projected onto the buildings for visitors and locals to enjoy. In addition, every Wednesday at noon (when it’s not raining!) free yoga sessions take place on the lawn of Parliament Hill:

[youtube]In London there are also many wonderful historic sites to visit. For example, you can visit the famous Banting House, which was the home of Dr. Frederick Banting and which is now a museum dedicated to his work. Why is Dr. Banting so important in Canada and around the world? He is the man who helped discover insulin!

4. Celebrate Canada Day!

Every 1st of July, Canadians gather together to celebrate the birth of their nation with fun and exciting activities. For ESL students in an intensive English program, these celebrations are a not-to-be-missed activity. Across the country, many Canada Day celebrations will include music shows, fireworks displays, and tasty foods to enjoy.

One of the best places to have a great Canada Day experience is on Parliament Hill. Here students will be able to watch performances from famous Canadian musicians, and when the singing is over you’ll be treated to an amazing fireworks show!

5. Take a day trip when studying English as a second language in Canada

Excellent ESL schools like CultureWorks offer great day trips to cities such as Toronto, as well as to Canada’s beautiful national parks. Cultureworks also offers trips to see Niagara Falls, one of Canada’s most well-known natural wonders. Students can walk along the platforms at Queen Victoria Park to get a closer look at the waterfalls, or get a better view from the Skylon Tower observation deck. For ESL students, there’s plenty to enjoy during a Canadian summer!

CultureWorks students enjoy day trips to nature reserves, national parks, and more!
CultureWorks students enjoy day trips to nature reserves, national parks, and more!

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