Traditional Canadian Experiences You Can Enjoy at Our English as a Second Language School

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Canadians love traditions. We are proud of our beautiful country, and we want to share it with the rest of the world! Traditional Canadian activities are fun and usually involve the great outdoors. Our snowy winters and warm summers provide opportunities for exciting activities year-round.

Canada is a great destination for attending ESL school because you’ll never be bored! You’ll have plenty of chances to try interesting activities with your new friends from all over the world, and you’ll make fond memories you can cherish for the rest of your life.

Keep reading to learn more about fun traditional Canadian activities you can try at ESL school.

Experience a Fun Maple Syrup Tour During English as a Second Language School

In Canada, we love maple syrup. In fact, we even have a maple leaf right on our flag! Every year when the seasons change from winter to spring, Canada’s maple syrup season begins. Canadians celebrate by visiting a “cabane à sucre,” which in English translates to “sugar shack.”

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CultureWorks students visiting a traditional sugar shack

If you attend English as a second language school during the spring time, you’ll have the chance to visit an authentic Canadian sugar shack and try some delicious Canadian foods like maple taffy. To make maple taffy, you need to pour warm maple syrup onto the snow and let it cool. Then, you use a wooden stick to scoop it up and eat it like a lollypop!

Try Ice Skating During English as a Second Language School

People have been skating in Canada for a very long time. In 1604, French explorers in Canada skated on frozen lakes and rivers to move around more quickly. Many years later, skating is still a favourite Canadian activity. In fact, during the 2014 Sochi Olympic Winter Games, Canada won a silver medal for the 1000 metre men’s speed skating event and gold in men’s and women’s hockey.

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CultureWorks students having fun going skating at night

You can try ice skating for yourself when you come to Canada for English for academic purposes courses. Cities all across the country have skating rinks for people to enjoy. In fact, if you study in Ottawa, you can even skate on the longest skating rink in the entire world! Every winter when the Rideau Canal freezes over, people from all over the country and the world visit Ottawa to experience skating on this beautiful and historical rink.

While at English as a Second Language School, Go Camping in the Beautiful Canadian Woods

When you think of Canada, you probably think of cold and snowy winter weather. However, many areas of Canada have beautiful, hot, and sunny summers! The summer months are the perfect time to get outdoors and enjoy Canada’s fresh air.

While at English as a second language school, you’ll have the opportunity to go camping at one of Canada’s many beautiful campgrounds. You can sit around a fire with friends and share funny stories, eat delicious chocolate and marshmallow snacks called s’mores, and sleep under the stars!

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