Train at home

Learn while working at home with our virtual OSLT courses. Adopt the program for your school or system. Brand it as your own.

Language training for health care professionals in China
Through our partnership with Sino-Can International Academy for Health Studies and the Guanghua International Education Association, we help health care workers in China improve their English skills. Further studies can then include exchange opportunities, joint research, and further teaching.

Teacher to teacher
Sharing online language learning and teaching methodologies with other teachers is one of our favourite things. Our partner program with University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM), allows us to do that in virtual classrooms around the world. This two-week course is perfect for professors who want to take courses online for the first time, or improve their students’ virtual experience.
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Middle + high school / college / university programs around the world
Our virtual classroom operates around the world and is designed for students starting in middle school through to university. Some students study 4 hours per week, some 6, and some 20 hours of face-to-face instruction each week. The program is customized to allow for paralell studies (such as high school programs). It is a live, virtual classroom with native-speaking instructors. 100% of the students in this course last year experienced increased test scores on standardized high school English tests in China.

Private or white labelling
We partner with selected schools to support delivery of our program using your faculty, and your brand. If institutional scope does not allow for development of an integrated, virtual approach to EAP, contact us for a conversation.