Start university in January, 2022 – even if your English scores are slightly below admission requirements. CultureWorks is partnering with Algoma University (Computer Science) and King’s University College to create the new Digital Y1 University and Language Program.

This new online option is ideal for students who are not ready to travel to Canada, and who need some language training while starting their university degree. 

Students in the new online Year 1 program can be high school graduates, or students may have completed their first year and are looking to make a change – some students may be eligible for advanced standing.

Apply now to begin your undergraduate degree studies online and earn your first year university credits while taking academic English.

Take Year 1 online, Year 2 on campus

Save time and money. Start your first year university online in January, 2022. You don’t have to complete your English language courses first. You can take both your first year of university courses and academic English at the same time – from the comfort of your home. 

You can complete all language and Y1 courses within 12 months. Then, enter Year 2 on campus in September, 2022. Study the way you want, when you want.

Admissions are now open for Year 1 Digital Pathways – starting January 2022

Apply now for admission to exciting programs starting in January, 2022. We will coach you throughout the admissions process, and set you up for success in your academic journey.

Algoma University

Apply now for admission to the Computer Science Program at Algoma University, with two campus locations in Sault Ste. Marie and Brampton, Ontario, Canada.

Scholarships are offered to international students, up to $5,000 per year.

The School of Computer Science and Technology (SCST) builds on Algoma University’s long-established Computer Science Program (Bachelor of Computer Science and Bachelor of Science in Computer Science), with specializations and minors in Mobile Software Engineering, Computer Game Technology, and Computer Game Technology/Creative Arts.

The Algoma U Computer Science program offers students, including international students, a co-op option in Year 2 with paid work positions.

King’s University College at Western University

Apply now for admission to King’s University College in London, Ontario, Canada. 

Be sure to check out the scholarships offered to international students at King’s!

King’s is recognized, both nationally and internationally, for its excellent academic programs, generous scholarships and comprehensive student services. Founded in 1954, King’s offers degree programs in the arts, social sciences, management and social work. Students at King’s have complete access to the amenities at Western University. Graduates from King’s receive a Western University degree.