The CultureWorks student experience

The student experience at CultureWorks focuses on what matters most: your success. As a student, you are embarking on your unique life journey. Our EAP pathway program is designed to set the foundation for your academic success.

For over 23 years, CultureWorks has been trusted by partner schools and students for our academic quality, highly qualified instructors and caring learning environment. APPLY NOW

Conditional admission to partner schools
We work with you on your academic journey, every step of the way. CultureWorks students are offered conditional admission to partner schools, once their application is accepted by the host institution. Our award-winning EAP program has been hosted on university campuses since 1998, working closely with Admissions and Recruitment teams, Registrars’ Offices, and Strategic Enrolment Management groups.

A student first philosophy
At the heart of what we do is our commitment to putting students first. CultureWorks offers fully accredited teachers who truly care about your academic success. We understand that much of the learning happens outside of the class. We are here to help you through the challenges you face, and turn your dreams into reality.

Make friends from all over the world
More than being part of an academic English class, you will be part of a community – to inspire, engage and enlighten your world. As a CultureWorks student, you will meet other students from other countries and cultures. You can immerse yourself in a multicultural environment and build your global network.

Supporting you in your academic journey
Here are just some of the ways that CultureWorks will support you in your EAP pathway program:

Professional guidance from your Advisor Teacher: Our pairing program provides every student with an Advisor Teacher. Your Advisor works one-on-one to answer questions, clarify assignments or point you in the right direction. We’re always here to help.

Focussing on interaction: Our EAP program is focussed on discussion and interacting with others in small classes, to gain real-world experience using and learning language.

Academic support: Extra hours of help are offered to any students who may want additional instruction. Simply drop in to the on-line sessions to ask questions.

Engaging events: The relationships you build through CultureWorks play a supporting role in your life-changing experience at university. 

As a CultureWorks student, you will be invited to fun and engaging events throughout the year, to interact with other students and make new friends. You’ll have the opportunity to participate in many different cultural, academic and social activities. Our online assemblies are a great way to connect with other students around the world and build your global network.