TV Shows That Can Help You Study English & Learn About Canada!

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One fun way to strengthen your listening skills while you study English in Canada is to watch English TV shows. Canadian television exposes students to English vocabulary, colloquialisms, and syntax while helping communicate some of the nuances of Canadian culture.

Here are some of our favourite shows to tune into, and how they can help you practice your English AND learn about Canada.

The Red Green Show: A Comedy Classic That Helps You Learn Vocabulary

If you want to study English while watching funny “do it yourself” home engineering, then the Red Green Show is your perfect match.

The Red Green Show offers “helpful” advice on how to fix everything from a flat tire to a fishing boat. But, as you’ll soon discover, most of the advice is more comical than it is practical! Here’s a great example from the show:


While you might not learn a lot about home improvement, The Red Green Show will teach you some handy new vocabulary – especially during its “Possum Lodge Word Game” segment where characters try and guess a word with the help of funny clues.

22 Minutes: Add a Little Satire to your English Program in Canada

Want to catch up on current events, but find traditional news a little too boring? You might want to try 22 Minutes.

22 Minutes is a comedy TV show that analyzes events happening in Canada and around the world. This show is well known for its razor sharp satire, and interviews with top Canadian politicians, celebrities, and activists, including David Suzuki:


While it might be a little challenging for ESL beginners, 22 Minutes can help students familiarize themselves with everyday English expressions and jokes, while staying on top of international politics.

Little Mosque on the Prairie: A Fun Take on Multiculturalism in Canada

Canada is known for being a multicultural country. In fact, Canada was the first country in the world to make multiculturalism an official policy!

It comes as no surprise, then, that Canada is the home of the hit TV show Little Mosque on the Prairie. Little Mosque on the Prairie takes a funny look at how people from different backgrounds co-exist in small-town Saskatchewan.

Through comedy and lovable characters, this Canadian TV show promotes religious tolerance and understanding between cultures.

Here’s a quick clip of this Canadian favourite’s final episode (you can still catch old episodes online):


The Book of Negroes: A Top Drama to Watch While You Study English in Canada

The Book of Negroes is an award-winning historical miniseries. It’s based on the book by Canadian author Lawrence Hill, and follows the story of Aminata Diallo as she is captured in Africa, sold into slavery, and eventually wins back her freedom.

Here’s a quick behind the scenes look:


Although this series contains violent subject-matter and may not be appropriate for all viewers, it’s an ideal TV show for students who want to learn a little more about Canadian history while enrolled in an intensive English program in Canada.

Want to discover other popular TV shows while you study abroad in Canada?

Why not ask your intensive English program instructors which shows they like best, and organize a TV-night with a friend from class!