Want to improve your English language skills and enjoy the best Canada has to offer? If the answer is yes, join the CultureWorks summer ESL program

CultureWorks summer program students on an outing during their studies
CultureWorks summer program students on an outing during their studies

Samantha Medaglia has visited 25 different countries during her lifetime.

But in her role as CultureWorks student services co-ordinator, she has the opportunity each year to show international students her favourite.

With the snow blowing outside, Samantha and fellow student services co-ordinator Liz Macedo are busily planning the CultureWorks summer programs, this year termed the ‘Career Exploration Summer Program’.

A summer ESL program that offers the experience of a lifetime

Quite simply, the program provides an opportunity for international students to improve their English while having lots of fun experiencing the best that Canada has to offer.

CultureWorks students enjoying the rides at an amusement park
CultureWorks students enjoying the rides at an amusement park

Students will study in London or Ottawa, on a beautiful and historic university campus – with a supportive teaching team ensuring they meet their academic goals – while also experiencing fun, social, and recreational outings.

All this, in a country where photos and paintings can only begin to show the beauty.

“I think the biggest part of planning summer programs is trying to find activities that the visiting students will enjoy, but that they also might not have had the chance to do before,” Samantha said.
“Finding the balance between cultural and educational activities, as well as unique experiences for them is key.”

CultureWorks students enjoy the beautiful view at Niagara Falls, Ontario
CultureWorks students enjoy the beautiful view at Niagara Falls, Ontario

Samantha said the CultureWorks team starts with some parameters requested by the visiting group: How many hours of class are they looking to have each week? How many hours of activity?

“We also try to find out as much as we can about the students before they arrive so that we can plan accordingly. How old are they? How many of them will be coming to study English in Canada?

“I always try to give them as many new experiences as possible.”

Last year, the CultureWorks summer program students were able to enjoy and participate in Canada’s 150th birthday celebrations. Parliament Hill in Ottawa, yoga, tours of art galleries, Shakespeare in the park, and water sports are all popular each year for the visiting students.

Susanna Bozzi’s experience as a summer ESL student

Susanna Bozzi is one student who is a particularly keen fan of the summer ESL program.

“I’ve been to Canada twice and I’d like to return there soon,” Susanna told coursefinders.com after making her second trip from Italy. “Despite being far away from your country, you are at home thanks to CultureWorks and its wonderful initiatives.”

“CultureWorks is amazing. CultureWorks always creates an amazing atmosphere around you, opening your mind and teaching you how to see Canada with a loving look.”

As much as Susanna loved CultureWorks and all it had to offer, she was met with the same warmth in return.

Caroline Diezyn, currently teaching in the south of France, was one of Susanna’s Summer Program teachers.

“She always had a smile on her face and seemed to be really enjoying her time in Canada. It was a pleasure teaching the Italian students!”

What our students love about the summer ESL program

Students spend a day at the aquarium during the summer program
Students spend a day at the aquarium during the summer program

Meanwhile, Susanna is just one student who enjoyed her summer stay in Canada. Here are some comments from other students:

Alessia Trentacarlini

“We attended King’s University College in London and we had lessons in the morning. It was one of the most amazing experiences in my life. I enjoyed everything we did: the lessons were really interesting and I never got bored, the activities were fun and interesting and all the teachers who were with us were very nice. I learned how to face the problems you have when you are in such a big town and you don’t know it very well. I stayed with a beautiful family and enjoyed every single moment.”

Giada Nicodemi

“I had a great time during the lessons, they were very interesting and I had a lot of fun learning many typical Canadian things. If I could, I would come back to join other lessons! CultureWorks organized for us also many activities outside, during which I could discover London. It was an amazing stay!”

Filippo Di Ludovico

“CultureWorks gave me the opportunity to visit in a city so different from mine for two weeks. Two of the things I loved the most are the facilities and the staff who worked there. The King’s University College in London was great, lessons were various and interesting. Teachers were always nice to us at school and during the activities which gave us lots of fun moments. It was the best school trip I have ever had, thanks again for those enjoyable weeks!

Maria Vittoria D’Andrea

“The most beautiful month of my life … I have learned a lot. I think this school is one of the best you can find in Canada. In addition to help you to improve your English skills, it organizes amazing activities. I would like to come back.”

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