Want to Study English in Canada? A Closer Look at the Curriculum of Our EAP Program

study english in Canada

Studying English in Canada is a fantastic opportunity! You will make new friends, learn about Canadian culture, and have lots of fun, all while improving your English language skills. In addition, by enrolling in our English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program, you can prepare to study at an English-speaking university!

If you’re interested in coming to Canada for your university studies, read on to learn more about what you’ll learn during the EAP program.

Study Academic Listening and Speaking in the EAP Intensive English Program

Listening and speaking skills are important for success at university. Whether you need to listen to a class lecture, ask a question, or simply want to meet new friends, having strong communication skills will help you excel at university and beyond.

While completing our English as a second language program, you will have the chance to improve your listening and speaking skills by practising conversations with your friends, taking part in classroom discussions, and even preparing interesting presentations.

english as a second language program
Fun group projects help students at CultureWorks practise their English

Practise Academic Writing in the EAP Intensive English Program

For many students, writing can be one of the more difficult parts of learning a new language. Many English words are packed full of silent letters, making spelling and other aspects of English writing difficult. Fortunately, at CultureWorks each one of our instructors has years of experience and knows just how to help students like you succeed. Whether you’re writing a paper, writing the answers to questions, or putting together an interesting project, our friendly instructors are there to help you every step of the way.

Improve Your Reading Skills in the EAP Intensive English Program

If you want to apply for conditional acceptance to one of our exciting partner universities, improving your English reading skills is important. While attending university, you will need to read textbooks, notes, articles, and many other materials. Therefore, having strong reading skills will help you do better in school. To help you prepare for this, academic reading is included right into the EAP curriculum. You’ll learn important vocabulary often used in academic settings, helping you make a smooth transition into your university studies.

The EAP Intensive English Program Helps You Develop Strong Grammar Skills

English grammar can be especially difficult, even for native English speakers! There are many different rules to learn, and many of those rules have exceptions. Fortunately, the CultureWorks EAP program includes a class devoted entirely to grammar. Our instructors are patient and will work with you until you feel confident with your grammatical skills. Don’t forget, having good grammar will pay off once you start your university program! Your essays and projects will be easier to read, and you will be able to clearly communicate your research and opinions.

intensive english program
A CultureWorks student shows off her winning essay for the Essay Writing Contest

Customize Your Schedule With CultureWorks Electives

Once you reach level four of the intensive English program, you will have the opportunity to enroll in elective courses. Elective courses are an exciting chance for you to improve your English abilities, and study a subject that you are interested in. You can choose from courses like Canadian Cultural Studies, Pronunciation & Conversation, Business & Management, and more. We even have an elective course that take place completely online, called The Daily Boomalang. These courses allow you to explore a topic you might find especially fascinating. In addition, you can learn specific vocabulary you can use later on in your university studies!

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