What to Expect from your First Autumn at ESL School in Canada

Two students play around in beautiful autumn leaves
Two students play around in beautiful autumn leaves

September is a beautiful time to be studying English in Ontario.

Autumn (or fall) is many Canadians’ favourite time of year. The fresh air signals a fresh start – the perfect energy for heading back to school.

So if you’re new to Canada and are wondering exactly what changes to expect throughout September and October, read on to discover what the autumn season is all about – and how to get the most out of this magical time of year.

What Exactly does “Autumn Equinox” Mean?

Today (September 23) is the Autumn Equinox, which means it’s the official first day of fall – and we’re saying goodbye to summer until next year.

If you’re from a part of the world where fall is not a distinct season, you might be wondering what “Autumn Equinox” actually means. Equinox means that day and night are about the same length, different from summer where the sun sets quite late in the evening and rises very early in the morning.

That’s why days seem so much shorter now, and there is less daylight. This trend of shorter days will continue throughout winter until the spring, when things even out again with another equinox.

ESL School Students will Notice Pumpkins are Everywhere!

Canadians love their pumpkins in autumn. Pumpkin pie is the official dessert of Thanksgiving and the iconic symbol of Halloween – both holidays are coming up soon in October.

Taking English for academic purposes courses in London, Oshawa, or Ottawa? Don’t forget to try a tasty pumpkin spice latte at your favourite café. These delicious treats don’t stick around all winter. They’re just another way Canadians celebrate their favourite orange fruit (yes pumpkins are actually fruits!)

Decorated pumpkins at a market in Ottawa, Canada
Decorated pumpkins at a market in Ottawa, Canada

Leaves Change Colour and Cover the Ground

Attending ESL school in Ottawa this autumn? There’s no better time to visit the beautiful Parliament buildings than now, as leaves on the many surrounding trees begin to change colour.

Ottawa river and Parliament buildings in Ottawa, Canada
Ottawa river and Parliament buildings in Ottawa, Canada

But no matter where you live in Canada, changing leaves in autumn are an amazing sight to see. Many Canadians love to plan hikes, long walks, canoe trips and picnics in fall so they can enjoy the trees up close.

CultureWorks organizes many student activities during the fall. Now is the perfect time to visit a nearby city, play sports at your local park, or just explore your host city – and fully enjoy the beauty of fall.

ESL Students Need to Start Suiting-up for Winter

If you’ve just arrived in Canada to study English as a second language, you may not know just how short the autumn season is. Temperatures seem to be falling gradually now, but in just a few weeks, it will be quite a bit colder.

If you haven’t already, be sure to purchase a warm jacket, hat, scarf and gloves for the colder days that are just around the corner. In Canada, autumn turns to winter very quickly.

So get out there, grab a pumpkin spice latte, and enjoy the season before it’s gone!


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