What to Look for in a University-Prep ESL Program

CultureWorks students at the London campus
CultureWorks students at the London campus

Whether you’re travelling from halfway around the world or live right here in Canada, finding an ESL program to prepare for university can be a challenging process.

You need to improve your English language skills, learn strategies to succeed in your degree program, and take care of practical details – like submitting your university application and finding a place to live. Plus, you want a program that prepares your quickly!

Want to make sure you choose the right ESL university-prep program? Make sure your top choice has these six characteristics.

1. Look for ESL Programs Located on the Campus of your Chosen University

Choose an English as a second language program that is partnered with your chosen university – and based right on campus. This way, you’ll get comfortable at the university much faster, and may even be able to use some of the campus resources. Studying English on the campus of your future school will make transitioning to university much smoother.

2. Choose an ESL Program that Helps you Apply for University

Figuring out the university application process can be difficult. The best ESL programs will submit the paperwork for you. For example, when students enroll in CultureWorks, they can get conditional acceptance into one of our partner universities. CultureWorks staff takes care of the whole process.

Once you have successfully completed the CultureWorks ESL program, you are automatically accepted into your chosen university!

3. Find an ESL Program with a Friendly atmosphere

CultureWorks students have fun during the London campus end of term celebration
CultureWorks students have fun during the London campus end of term celebration

Signing up for an intensive English program in Canada can feel intimidating. You might be moving away from home for the first time, and have worries about feeling lonely in a new country and culture.

The best ESL programs make sure students have fun and have opportunities to make friends. CultureWorks organizes many events on campus and in the community so students can relax and enjoy time between classes.

4. Look for Experienced ESL Instructors who really Care

A caring instructor can make all the difference in an ESL university-prep program. The best teachers take the time to answer your questions, but they also make class enjoyable and help you build your confidence.

Instead of using rote learning and memorization, experienced ESL teachers help students build advanced research, writing and presentation skills so they are ready for the challenges of university.

5. Choose an ESL Program that Immerses You in Canadian Culture

CultureWorks students visit famous Canadian sites like Niagara Falls
CultureWorks students visit famous Canadian sites like Niagara Falls

Understanding Canadian culture and making local friends is an important part of learning English and preparing for university in Canada. Look for an ESL program that offers activities, trips, and social events in the local community.

6. Find an ESL Program with Special Electives for Your Degree

The best university-prep ESL programs helps students learn the technical English they will need in their chosen degree program.

For example, if you’re taking English courses for King’s College at CultureWorks, you can choose special classes like Business and Management and Engineering and Technology. You will learn the English vocabulary you need to succeed in these study areas when you move on to university.

Want to learn more about the CultureWorks university-prep ESL program? Visit us online for more information and to apply!