Why aspiring scientists benefit from taking English for university study


Learning English has many benefits! It can help students gain acceptance into a Canadian university. It can help them meet other students from all over the world. It can even help aspiring scientists succeed at university and beyond!

How can English be useful for students interested in studying the sciences? It turns out that English has been the dominant language of science since the 20th century. As a result, today many students and scientists learn English to help their studies and improve their future career prospects.

Here’s how English classes can benefit students interested in the sciences.

English gives you access to more scientific articles

Did you know that 98% of the articles and studies published in scientific journals today are written in English? That’s because more and more scientists are choosing to write in English in order to reach a wider audience and gain global recognition. Publishing scientific articles in English also helps to spread ideas much faster because English has become the dominant language within the field of science.

What does this mean for ESL students who want to study science at university? ESL students will be able to read a wider range of scientific texts and journals written by scientists from all over the world. This can be helpful when working on projects, completing readings for class, or even when completing additional study on a topic of particular interest.

English for university study can help you learn scientific vocabulary

For many students, studying in their second or even third language can feel intimidating. Add to that the challenge of learning new scientific vocabulary and studying a complex topic at the university level, and it can feel like a lot.

Fortunately, many ESL schools help students prepare for this challenge. In fact, attending a top English for academic purposes school can help students develop a range of important skills. They can learn how to improve their English comprehension, reading, and writing, and even develop their study skills and learn program-specific vocabulary.


CultureWorks can help students develop a scientific vocabulary in English

Studying science in English is great for networking

Learning English can also help you develop a network of international peers. Rather than act as a barrier, learning English for university study can be a way for students to communicate and network with each other and their instructors. It also helps students feel more confident and comfortable when speaking to their peers or asking questions during class.

Learning English can help students network

At CultureWorks, for example, students get to enjoy many different trips and activities together. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to meet new friends as you complete your English studies. In fact, they may even one day be your future colleagues as you conduct research together, or work on a wonderful new invention!

Do you want to study science at university, but feel worried about your English language skills?

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