Why should you learn English as a second language if you want a career in business?

learn English as a second language

English is now the language of international business, and if you want a successful business career, knowing how to read and write in English can be very useful. Fluency in English can help you immigrate to an English-speaking country, attend an English-speaking university, and understand other cultures all over the world.
All of those advantages—along with others we’ll discuss below—can be extremely useful to succeeding in your career, especially if you would like to have a career in business.

Many businesses are making English their working language

Even in non-English countries, companies often expect their employees to speak English. Many companies operate all over the world and meetings can often only be understood by everybody attending if they are in English. Some global companies have made English their working language. For example, Sodexo in France, Nissan in Japan, and Siemens in Germany have all made English their official working languages for senior staff.

English for university study
Global companies often conduct meetings entirely in English

Learn English as a second language and you will have more career opportunities

While you may be able to get employed without English, you can only go so far in your career without it. At some point, English will likely help you advance. For example, your boss may be looking to promote somebody to negotiate a valuable contract with a new American client. By being fluent in English, you can open many additional opportunities and take your career even further!

English can help you learn new skills

English isn’t just the language of business—it is also the language of academia. If you decide to attend university, then already learning English for university study will give you a big advantage. According to the Times Higher Education Supplement, 45 of the top universities in China now offer programs taught in English. That is even more than the total number of universities that teach programs in English in Canada (at 29) or Australia (at 31)! Many universities in Europe, especially in Germany and the Netherlands, also teach courses exclusively in English.
English can help you learn new business skills at university.

ESL schools
English can help you learn new business skills at university

English translators won’t help you connect with business clients

You may wonder why you can’t just hire a translator if you have to meet with an English-speaking colleague. The reason a translator won’t help you is because success in business depends on personal relationships. While a translator can make sure your English-speaking colleagues understand you and you understand them, it is difficult to make a personal connection with somebody if you can only communicate through a translator. Having a personal connection makes it easier to build long-term and successful business relationships.

Learning English will help you better understand different cultures

To connect with somebody from an English-speaking country, it helps if you understand their culture. Knowing the language is the key to unlocking any culture. By learning English, you will be able to watch English-language TV shows and movies, listen to English-language songs, and more. Understanding English-language culture will make it much easier for you to network with clients around the world. If you learn English as a second language in an immersive environment, then you will become more familiar with the culture faster.

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