Your Friendly Canadians

Ah, Canadians!  Don’t you just love them?

If Canadians were animals, countries would fight over who could keep them in their zoos, like panda bears.

If Canadians were food, there’d be a line up outside their restaurant a million blocks long, like that soup place on Seinfeld.

If Canadians were a natural disaster…wait.  Hang on.  Canadians would never be a natural disaster.  Scratch that.

If Canadians were a gadget, they’d be a limited edition and we’d have to keep them in our pockets for fear of losing them, like Google Glass.

If Canadians were fashion, you’d have to wear sunglasses to protect yourself from its awesomeness, like something out of Bjork’s wardrobe.

Why do we love Canadians?  Because they’re friendly, of course!

Canadians will open the door for you even when you are hundreds of meters behind!

They’ll apologize when you bump into them in public, when clearly it was your fault!

Sometimes Canadians will give you the ‘thanks’ and ‘sorry’ combination.  For example, when paying for a taxi but taking too long to leave the cab!

They’ll talk to you (often about the weather) and they’ll actually listen and care what you have to say!

Canadians make eye contact and ask, “How are you?”, and mean it!

Canadians like to wave on traffic at stop lights…from their cars!

They shovel the snow off each other’s driveways in the winter.

They’ll even pay for your coffee if you forget your wallet at Tim Hortons.  (Well, not always, but it’s happened to me before, so, there’s that.)

From shopkeepers to policemen to teachers, Canadians are some of the friendliest people in the world.  If you have chosen to come to Canada, you’ve chosen wisely.

P.S. Sorry that this post was so long.  And thanks for reading it.  Sorry.  Thanks. 🙂