You’ve Got Mad Skills

Did you know that you can’t transfer knowledge?

Knowledge is unique to each individual person, and in order to gain knowledge, you need to actually have an experience for it to become part of you.

Unfortunately, we can’t download knowledge, like Keanu in the Matrix, although that would be super cool.

Information, on the other hand, boils down to facts and rules and memorizable, quantifiable statistics. This can be easily transferred.

So what is learning a language?  When you study English, are you gaining knowledge?  Or are you learning information?

Learning a language requires both processes, actually. The information such as vocabulary and grammar, is memorizable.  But that information only becomes knowledge after you use it, meaningfully.

Also, I think it’s easy to forget that we also gain skills in learning a language that are very, very powerful.  These skills include the ability to dialogue intelligently, to seek information efficiently, and conduct complex problem solving. These are invaluable life skills.


Life skills = mad skills, and in your journey through learning a language, remember that your knowledge, information, and skills will take you to great places. 🙂