Educational Representative Stories


It’s always nice in any company when the job fits the person and such is the case with Deb Leeming, the Educational Representative Relations Manager at CultureWorks.

“This is the best part,” Deb said after leading a three-person team to meet some educational representatives in Toronto.

“The educational representatives that we have relationships with are high quality, very moral people that truly are doing the best for our students and that’s who we want to work with.”

So while the camera person and interviewer gathered material for the accompanying videos, Deb got caught up with several of the reps at each location.  She clearly was enjoying her day.

“The goal of our educational representatives is to know CultureWorks and our partners well enough to see that we’re suitable and which of our partners is the best fit for that student to be successful.”

Deb, now in her 10th year at CultureWorks, said the relationship between CultureWorks and the various companies is a strong one.

“The (companies) are aware that CultureWorks offers a high quality, high-standard education, so that if they are high-functioning students that are serious about their education, CultureWorks is the place to be.”

But make no mistake: Deb Leeming’s role is much more than meet and greet.

“It’s really important to keep up that relationship so that our partners are aware of what we are offering and reaffirming with them that we also have the best interest of the students in mind.”

And while this visit allowed us to capture a few of the representatives’ stories, Deb pointed out the fact we are far from finished.

“We have educational representatives all over the world. We have just managed to interview a few of our domestic ones this time, but we hope to have all our fabulous representatives tell their story at some point.”

International Student Recruitment Centre Interview – March 6th 2015
Hussein Al-Dhalaan (of International Student Recruitment Centre) talks about recruiting foreign students

Maple Education Consulting Interview – March 6th 2015
Zaf Kahwach (of Maple Education Consulting) talks about recruiting foreign students

Sanabel Educational Services Inc. Interview – March 6th 2015
Ghaleb Murad (of Sanabel Educational Services Inc.) talks about recruiting foreign students

Woori Education & Immigration Consulting Interview – March 6th 2015
Hussain Al Zaher, Dylan Chen and Eray Guler (of Woori Education & Immigration Consulting) talk about recruiting foreign students


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