CultureWorks announces new EAP Online Gateway Program & Online IELTS Course

CultureWorks ESL is proud to announce the launch of its unique IELTS course as well as an innovative ESL program called the Level 5 Gateway Program

CultureWorks ESL is proud to announce the launch of a new and innovative intensive Academic English Program, called the Level 5 Gateway Program.

The Level 5 Gateway Program allows students to complete Level 5 of the CultureWorks Program at home from anywhere in the world. This course consists of teacher-lead live sessions combined with independent work completed by students online.

At the completion of the Level 5 Gateway Program, students will be prepared for multiple academic routes:

  • Students can go on to complete Level 6 and 7 of the CultureWorks program on campus at one of our partner schools. Completion of Level 6 and 7 will fulfill the English Language requirements for students who have received a university offer through CultureWorks.
  • The L5 Program is a great option for students looking for a refresher English course before beginning their English Language university studies anywhere in the world. With a unique focus on English for Academic Purposes, this course focuses on the skills required to be successful in any post-secondary setting.
  • Students will be better prepared for work or any life events that may require English language skills

“I’m really excited about this program” said Danielle Dilkes, CultureWorks’ Information and Educational Technology Specialist. Dilkes is one of the lead designers of this course, and will be working with the teaching team when the course launches this fall. Applications are now available online for students interested in joining the program’s first cohort.

“The thing that is most exciting, is that it makes a high level academic program accessible to more people. We’re able to reach more students and give them a higher quality Academic English program without the added costs of moving to Canada,” explained Dilkes.

The Level 5 Gateway program is an Academic English Program, focusing on higher level thinking and preparation for post-secondary studies.

“Every single thing the student does in the Level 5 Gateway program is directly applicable to university studies in English. It’s a very innovative way to teach, because the curriculum integrates all of the skills and focuses on authentic texts and activities. And because it’s delivered online, it’s more personalized. The student is able to adjust the program to fit their unique needs as a learner, which is not always possible in a traditional classroom setting.”

The skills that will be covered in the program include finding and evaluating academic sources, summarizing, paraphrasing, critical thinking, essay writing, presentation skills, building an argument, as well as other key skills required in a university setting.

The Gateway Program can be studied either as a full-time 8 week program or as a part-time 16 week program.

Students who choose the full-time option should expect to commit at least 22-26 hours per week to their studies when completing this online course. Students who choose the part-time option should expect to commit at least 10-12 hours per week during their studies. While there will be some scheduled hours where students will need to “meet” with their teachers and classmates online, much of the work for the program will be completed on each student’s personal schedule.

Students complete coursework on their own personal schedule
Students complete coursework on their own personal schedule

Although students will complete work on their own, they will still be part of a class. Students will have access to an online community where they will be able to engage in discussions with their teachers and classmates.

Other benefits of choosing the L5 Gateway Program include:

  • Lower costs compared to completing all of your EAP classes in Canada
  • No textbook required – everything you need can be accessed online, anytime and anywhere
  • Flexible schedule – making it a great option for students with jobs, families and other commitments
  • Great online community where you can meet classmates and make friends before you arrive in Canada
  • Course content is constantly being updated with relevant articles and topics.

Do you think the Level 5 Gateway Program would be a good fit for you? Click here to learn more, or start the application process here.

CultureWorks Online IELTS Course

CultureWorks is now offering a unique IELTS course. Students have the flexibility of online study from anywhere in the world, combined with the support of face-to-face instruction from CultureWorks instructors. This course is for students who already have a minimum IELTS 5.5 and want to improve their score while studying at their own pace.

The CultureWorks IELTS course lets students study at their own pace
The CultureWorks IELTS course lets students study at their own pace

Students enrolled in the CultureWorks IELTS course will have access to an incredible amount of resources, including:

  • Practice exercises and tests in all 4 modules; Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking
  • More than 80 hours worth of online study activities, including over 300 pages of study content
  • Over 100 individual audio recordings to practice listening skills
  • Test tips and test-taking strategies for all 4 skills

The next start date for the IELTS class is September 6, 2016 – registration is due by September 2. Click here to apply now.

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