Social Activities

Every term, CultureWorks offers a wide range of events and activities for our students.  These activities are organized by your CultureWorks Student Services Coordinator. Some activities are free while others maybe have a small fee.

Examples of trips and activities include:

  • Day trips: Toronto,  Niagara Falls, African Lion Safari, National Parks
  • Seasonal activities: Skiing, Snow boarding, snow tubing, hiking, the beach, sports
  • Cultural Celebrations; Thanksgiving Dinner, Chinese Hot Pot, Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, Canada Day, Valentines Day
  • Traditional Canadian Experiences: Maple Syrup tours, Ice skating, local festivals, camping, cooking classes
  • On campus activities: Leadership workshops, board games, relaxation events

Many of our favourite activities have come from students’ ideas and suggestions! If you have an idea, please contact your Student Services Coordinator.


Volunteering, also known as Community Service, is a great way to get involved while in Canada. It helps you to meet new people, gain new experiences and skills, and practice your English. Volunteer experience also looks great on a resume when applying for jobs or postgraduate study.  Generally, you do not need a Work Permit to volunteer.

Volunteering at CultureWorks as a Buddy

Buddies are current students and graduates. Their job is to help our new students.  They attend all of the Intake and Orientation activities for new students and help to translate information, answer questions and share their knowledge and experiences.  It is also a great way to meet new people and make friends.

Volunteering in the Community

Many students at CultureWorks volunteer for organizations and causes that are important to them.  Your Student Services Coordinator can help you find volunteer opportunities in your community that interest you, and that are suitable for you as a CultureWorks student.


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