Considering English Courses for King’s University? Here’s a Guide to Your Future Campus!

Students relax at the CultureWorks London campus
Students relax at the CultureWorks London campus

If you’re interested in attending King’s University, you’ll be happy to learn that this intimate campus is also a state-of-the art learning facility. From the brand new Darryl J. King Student Life Centre to the many resources available at the university’s library, you’ll have access to a wonderful campus during your studies.

And if you’re planning on pursuing ESL courses before starting your university studies, you won’t have to wait to enjoy this beautiful and cozy campus, because CultureWorks is located directly on it!

Read on for a look at your future campus and what it has to offer.

Visit the Cardinal Carter Library When You Study ESL at CultureWorks

Once you start your intensive English program at CultureWorks, you’ll be studying right on the King’s University campus. You’ll have the opportunity to use each of the university’s facilities including the King’s University library. At the Cardinal Carter Library, you’ll have access to plenty of resources including e-journals and databases as well as a special collection of rare books.

We could tell you all about the library’s services, but we’ll let King’s friendly students tell you themselves:


Visit the Student Life Centre When You Take English Courses for King’s University

During your studies, you might want to drop by the Darryl J. King Student Life Centre. Since its grand opening just over a year ago, the centre has become an important part of the King’s University campus. It houses everything from a fitness center and an auditorium, to classrooms, meeting rooms and much more.  At the Darryl J. King Student Life Centre, you’ll also find a games room, where you can relax and play pool, table tennis, foosball, or video games. You might also want to grab a spot in the Learning Commons or Learning Lounge and launch a study session, either alone or with friends.

Here’s a look at the student life centre during its grand opening:

[youtube]Additionally, ‘The Write Place’ is located directly inside the Student Life Centre! This is where students can go to get feedback on their writing assignments from trained peer tutors. Of course, The Write Place is a top resource that you’ll want to remember once you graduate from CultureWorks and begin your university studies.

Western is Just a Five Minute Walk Away for Students Who Take ESL for King’s University

In addition to all the facilities located right on the King’s campus, students taking English courses for King’s University also have access to the Western University campus located just a short five minute walk away.

As one of Western’s partner universities, King’s University students have access to all of Western’s facilities too. This includes the Western fitness centre—which is equipped with a 50-metre pool, a cardio mezzanine and a weight room. Students can even try out for one of Western’s many sports teams.

If you’re interested in arts and culture, you might like to take a look at Western’s art galleries: the Artlab Gallery and the McIntosh Gallery. You could even catch a show at the Paul Davenport Theatre where students can enjoy close to 200 performances each year.

Do you want to take ESL for King’s University?

Enroll at CultureWorks to learn the English language skills you need to succeed in your studies!

Gain Entrance to University in Canada with an On-Campus ESL Program!

CultureWorks students on campus at Western University in Ontario, Canada
CultureWorks students on campus at Western University in Ontario, Canada

Want to go to university in Canada? You’re not alone! When it comes to getting an internationally recognized degree, Canadian universities are a top choice for international students.

But many students need to improve their English before applying to degree programs in Canada. The best ESL schools partner with top universities to help international students learn exactly what they need to gain entrance to – and succeed in – their program of choice.

How exactly do top ESL programs help you get into leading Canadian universities? Read on to find out!

“Conditional Acceptance” Helps Students Transition Easily to University in Canada

University applications can be long and complex – especially when you’re completing the process in your second language.

CultureWorks takes care of applications for students who apply to its ESL university prep program. Our advisors work closely with students, and submit the application on your behalf to one of our partner Canadian universities.

Every student at CultureWorks gets conditional acceptance from a university before they start their ESL education. The only condition is that you must successfully complete the CultureWorks program. Afterward, you get direct entrance into one of CultureWorks’ prestigious partner schools. There is no need to apply again!

Learning On Campus Helps Students Feel Comfortable at Canadian University

Learning English on the campus of your future university has several advantages. On-campus ESL programs help international students explore the buildings, grounds, and resources their future school has to offer – before they even start their degree program.

For example, when you take CultureWorks English courses for King’s University, you learn directly on the King’s campus, with opportunities to meet current students and become familiar with your surroundings.

After students complete the CultureWorks program, there is no need to move to another location. You’re already a part of your new school’s community.

Special Electives Help Students Build Vocabulary for their Chosen Degree

A typical ESL program does not usually include complex engineering or business language training. But international students preparing to enter these degree programs will need special preparation to succeed at university.

CultureWorks students practice conversation online as part of a special elective course
CultureWorks students practice conversation online as part of a special elective course

CultureWorks offers international students specialized English courses in business and management, engineering and technology, as well as classes on Canadian culture, advanced conversation, and more.

ESL program graduates have the specific language skills they need to enter first year university classes with confidence.

On-Campus ESL Programs Introduce Students to Life in Canada!

On-campus ESL programs don’t just focus on classroom learning. They help international students explore their new city, visit famous landmarks, and discover Canadian culture through fun trips and activities.

CultureWorks students try ice skating near the university campus in Oshawa, Ontario
CultureWorks students try ice skating near the university campus in Oshawa, Ontario

You won’t just learn English, you’ll learn about a new country, meet new friends, and make memories to last a lifetime.

Do you want to take ESL for King’s University, Western University, Carleton University, or the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT)?

Visit CultureWorks to learn how you can gain conditional acceptance to one of these prestigious institutions!